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Three Sisters Log Cabin ~ Montebello, Virginia

Voted "Top 100 Most Beautiful Vacation Places in America"
By Rustic Vacations

Virginia's Three Sisters Log Cabin is one of only a few surviving two story log cabin rentals along Virginia's scenic and world renowned Blue Ridge Parkway. A classic Virginia Appalachian log cabin, its peaceful feel and pure and simple character make it a most unusual rental property. It is a treasure that will delight you, a place that will become your favorite and a special rental destination when you find yourself longing for Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. Step back in time and enjoy a place that's truly one of a kind, a stunning year round rental getaway like no other in Virginia.

You will delight in the peace and quiet, solitude and privacy, yet easy access to noted Virginia recreational and historic sites, Shenandoah Valley towns and other attractions. As rentals go, Three Sisters Log Cabin is unparalleled.

Fully restored and carefully modernized, Three Sisters Cabin provides something truly unique in the world of vacation rentals. If you are searching the Virginia Mountains for a special honeymoon rental, family getaway or ski weekend rental, or an unusual hunting rental, fishing or horseback riding rental, we

think you'll find Three Sisters will more than meet your expectations.

Fall in love with Virginia's Blue Ridge - a place of majestic peace and beauty, where people still wave at strangers on back roads - where children (family dog in tow) still take patched inner tubes and spend the day down by the river - where the only traffic jam folks get caught in involves cows in the road - where Sunday afternoons are still quiet and set aside for visiting.

It's a place where the country store seems like the center of the world (and folks like it that way) - where the postmaster knows everyone's birthday - where a late apple pulled off a wild apple tree tastes better than anything you've ever eaten. It's a place where

time moves more slowly and old ways are still embraced and treasured.

Every season in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains is magical. Winter arrives at Three Sisters with a thick blanket of snow that stills the Virginia countryside. 

Springtime comes with the rush of mountain streams and wildflower sightings. Summer brings pinks and purples as the hills and hollows of the Virginia high country glow with the bloom of rhododendron and mountain laurel. Autumn is heralded in by crisp, cool nights and blazing reds, russets and golds of the ridges and the smell of wood smoke in the air.

Any season you choose to stay at Three Sisters you will find is special in its own way.

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